# [[0900]] Gems

Hide # Скрываем камни без проточки, которые продаются у вендора КРАСНЫЕ
    Quality = 0
    Class Gems
    BaseType "Glacial Hammer" "Heavy Strike" "Molten Strike" "Cleave" "Infernal Blow" "Ground Slam" "Chance to Bleed Support" "Ruthless Support" "Ancestral Call Support" "Vigilant Strike" "Reckoning" "Molten Shell" "Rejuvenation Totem" "Flame Totem" "Decoy Totem" "Devouring Totem" "Ancestral Protector" "Added Fire Damage Support" "Life Gain on Hit Support" "Melee Splash Support" "Knockback Support" "Stun Support" "Spell Totem Support" "Ranged Attack Totem Support" "Maim Support" "Leap Slam" "Shield Charge" "Rallying Cry" "Static Strike" "Sweep" "Searing Bond" "Sunder" "Melee Physical Damage Support" "Elemental Damage with Attacks Support" "Iron Grip Support" "Iron Will Support" "Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support" "Bloodlust Support" "Damage on Full Life Support" "Cold to Fire Support" "Enduring Cry" "Herald of Ash" "Fortify Support" "Life Leech Support" "Blood Magic Support" "Reduced Mana Support" "Increased Duration Support" "Less Duration Support" "Fire Penetration Support" "Burning Damage Support" "Generosity Support" "Punishment" "Warlord's Mark" "Vulnerability" "Anger" "Vitality" "Determination" "Purity of Fire" "Vengeance" "Ice Crash" "Dominating Blow" "Shockwave Totem" "Animate Guardian" "Earthquake" "Ancestral Warchief" "Summon Flame Golem" "Immortal Call" "Abyssal Cry" "Summon Stone Golem" "Multistrike Support" "Cast on Melee Kill Support" "Cast when Damage Taken Support" "Brutality Support"


*) Наряд Схоластии / Shavronne's Wrappings / Халат волшебника / Occultist's Vestment


Elemental Proliferation Support - надо скрыть